Sep 18 2017 Coffee Rivals Square Off in Italy Ahead of Starbucks Invasion

Two of Italy’s biggest coffee houses are reinforcing their brands with flagship cafes in Milan near the spot where U.S. rival Starbucks is set to begin operations next year.
Lavazza opens its first flagship cafe in the coffee-obsessed city on Tuesday, not far from the renovated 19th century palazzo where Starbucks will open its first Italian [...]


Sep 18 2017 Trump’s First Day at UN Focuses on Reform, Iran, Climate Change

U.S. President Donald Trump launched into a whirlwind round of bilateral and multilateral discussions Monday at the beginning of his four-day diplomatic marathon in New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly debate, and many meetings on its sidelines.
In his first U.N appearance Monday morning, a day before the General Assembly session formally opens, [...]


Sep 18 2017 Economy Minister: Mexico Sees ‘Elephants in the Room’ in NAFTA Talks

Mexico’s economy minister said on Monday a successful retool of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would hinge on two or three complex areas that he called “elephants in the room,” just days before the next round of treaty talks in Canada.
Speaking at an event in Mexico City, Ildefonso Guajardo said four chapters in [...]


Sep 18 2017 US Trade Envoy says WTO Dispute Settlement ‘Deficient’

The WTO dispute settlement system is “deficient” and has often ruled in favor of free trade that overlooks details of a trade agreement, U.S. trade envoy Robert Lighthizer said on Monday.
Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Lighthizer, a trade lawyer, made clear that the administration was poised to push for major changes [...]


Sep 18 2017 US State, City Leaders Vow Support for Paris Agreement

The White House reconfirmed Monday the United States is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord — a decision President Donald Trump announced in June.
“The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers — [...]


Sep 18 2017 Trump’s UN Speech to Bluntly Criticize North Korea, Iran, Venezuela

U.S. President Donald Trump, in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, will harshly criticize North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.
“He will speak in extremely tough terms about the North Korean menace and the threat it poses to our security and the security of all the nations in that room,” according to a senior [...]


Sep 18 2017 US to Press Concerns Over Incidents in Meeting with Cubans

NEW YORK (AP) _ The Trump administration will press its concerns about unexplained incidents harming American diplomats in Cuba during a meeting this week in Washington, as the United States considers shuttering its recently re-opened Embassy in Havana.
U.S. diplomats will host Cuban official Josefina Vidal, who has been the public face of Cuba’s diplomatic opening [...]


Sep 18 2017 Swiss Toilets Found Flush with Shredded Cash

Dirty money? Swiss investigators are perplexed about who flushed tens of thousands of euros down toilets in Geneva. And why?
Bundles of shredded 500-euro notes, worth about $120,000 or 100,000 euros, were found clogging toilets at a bank and three nearby restaurants. 
The high-value euro notes are due to be discontinued in 2018 over fears they are [...]


Sep 18 2017 Pakistani Actor Under Fire for Praising ‘Terrorist’

Internet users in Pakistan have criticized a well-known film and television actor for a recent tweet he posted, praising the leader of a religious charity that has launched a new political party, but who also is listed by the United States among “global terrorists.”
Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s controversial tweet was about Hafiz Muhammed Saeed, whose [...]


Sep 18 2017 Turkey Starts Trial of 30 Newspaper Staff for Links to Coup Attempt

Thirty journalists and newspaper executives from a Turkish newspaper which was shut down last year went on trial Monday, facing life sentences over charges that they had links to a failed coup attempt.
The former employees of the Zaman newspaper are charged with “membership of an armed terror organization” and “attempting to overthrow” the government, parliament [...]