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Dec 31 2007 Bengali Analysts Look at Pakistan Problems on the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s Asssination

Some of the Bengali analysts now living in the USA and Europe have commented on the assassination of the former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Benazir’s Assassination is blow to Pakistan’s democratic process: Tareq Karim

Tareq Karim feels that it has broken the baclbone of democracy in Pakistan [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Police in Bangladesh say a leader of an outlawed extremist group has been killed in an armed encounter  with the police in southern district of Barisal.

Other members of the banned group managed to flee. Four police were injured during the gunfight. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Looking Back at the Year 2007 in Bangladesh

Golam Sarwar, the Editor of the Daily Jugantor , a daily newspaper from Bangladesh looks into this development and critically analyses the situation in Bangladesh.
[Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Khaleda Shown Arrested in Yet Another Corruption Case

The IO in the petitions filed yesterday — one against Khaleda Zia and Mosharraf, and the other against Moudud — mentioned that for the sake of fair investigation the accused needed to be shown as arrested. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Micro-Credit Must be free of Political Interference: Yunus

He was referring to the success story of Grameen  Bank in Bangladesh as opposed to its failure in the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Bangladeshi Captain in UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia Missing

Captain Mohammad Rajibul Kabir, a Bangladesh Army official, working in Liberia under the UN peace
keeping mission, has been missing near the Atlantic coast of Monrovia. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Former Bangladeshi PM Hasina Falls Sick During Hearing

On Monday, former Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina fell sick in court during hearing on extortion charges against her. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Dr. Zaid Bakht of BIDS Analyze Bangladesh Economy of 2007

Dr. Zaid Bakht analyzed the economy of Bangladesh in 2007. He spoke about the challenges that Bangladesh faced this year and how those events impacted the economy. [Read more]


Dec 31 2007 Morshedul Islam Speaks About His Films

Morshedul Islam is a writer, director and short film maker in Bangladesh. [Read more]