Nov 14 2018 Political correctness or bias towards falsehood

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
These days, many of us are meeting or encountering lots of people on the social media, who either lack knowledge on the topic they are arguing, or are driven by their wrong egos. They really do not want to listen – what they want is – impose their opinion on others. Especially [...]


Nov 14 2018 The tragedy that is Gaza

Justin Amler
The United Nations, that incredibly morally defunct, hypocritical organization, that thinks it has some kind of higher moral authority to dictate to others, said that a new war in Gaza would be an ‘incredible tragedy.’
“An incredible tragedy.”
Once again they have it wrong about what exactly a tragedy is. Because the tragedy is what has been [...]


Nov 14 2018 ‘Progressive’ Oregon governor, state contractors, had sweetheart deal

News Desk
Oregon’s liberal governor has reportedly received $2.6 million in campaign cash from over 500 vendors who reaped $4.4 billion in state payments.
“Every single instance where the 557 state vendors made a political donation and had their contract initiated, renewed, modified, or extended is a potential conflict of interest,” Adam Andrzejewski wrote for Forbes.
Disclosures last [...]


Nov 14 2018 With House majority, Democrats could threaten fracking industry

News Desk
House Democrats are expected to take aim at the fracking industry that has been a major boon to the U.S. economy and despite its excellent safety record, a columnist noted.
“Energy production on public lands in the American West is likely to come under increased scrutiny” when Democrats assume control of the House in January, [...]


Nov 14 2018 Democrats demand removal of Illinois election judge after she reported fraud

News Desk
An election judge in St. Clair County, Illinois said Democrats demanded she be removed from her position after she tweeted that she had witnessed and stopped potential election fraud on Nov. 6.
Peggy A. Hubbard posted a multi-tweet thread explaining what she witnessed as she watched at a polling station during the 2018 midterm election.
Hubbard [...]


Nov 14 2018 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in trouble?

Special Correspondent
Following Avigdor Liberman’s announcement that he is resigning from the Defense Ministry and taking Yisrael Beytenu out of the coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began talks with the leaders of the remaining coalition parties to try to keep his government stable. Bayit Yehudi officials said earlier that if Education Minister Naftali Bennett does not become [...]


Nov 14 2018 Monty Python and the Jews

Keren Keet
Listening to the radio the other night, I was pleasantly surprised to catch an interview with Eric Idle, one of the members of Monty Python, the iconic British comedy group. Idle has just released his autobiography, titled after his classic song, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. As a Brit, I am instinctively [...]


Nov 14 2018 Lives are at stake – either those of the soldiers or those of citizens

Fiamma Nirenstein
From the possibility of an agreement to that of war, complete with dead and wounded, Hamas has returned together with other terrorist militias to hold all citizens in southern Israel hostage.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done everything in his power to avoid another Gaza war and even allowed a few days ago for [...]


Nov 14 2018 If Western Europe understands the value of the Western alliance and Trump doesn’t, why are they prioritizing their profits over the need to confront Iran?

Jonathan S. Tobin
U.S. President Donald Trump got just about the welcome he should have expected when he showed up to take part in the commemorations of the centennial of the end of World War I this past weekend. The international media excoriated him for skipping one of the memorial services due to bad weather (he [...]


Nov 14 2018 Jewish teens subjected to anti-Semitic assault in Toronto

News Desk
Toronto Police are investigating a physical, anti-Semitic assault that took place on Sunday night against four 17-year-old Jewish boys wearing religious clothing.
The group of perpetrators, who were nine teenagers, also made bigoted comments about their religion and stole the sunglasses from one of the victims. The attacking group split up after the incident.
One suspect [...]