Sep 20 2018 Thoughts of quick success

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
There are some people in the world, who do not run after easy ways of success. Instead they dedicate themselves in hard work. Success always is the result of dedication and hard work. It’s not available in any super-shop or grocery. It’s something that can’t be inherited or transferred. Even God does [...]


Sep 20 2018 Israel preparing for a befitting response to Iran, Syria threats

Staff Reporters
In a highly unusual and unprecedented move, the director general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission made a public statement about explicit threats by Iran and its proxies to attack Israel’s nuclear sites.
Speaking at the 62nd General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday, Zeev Snir made it clear that Israel plans to [...]


Sep 20 2018 German and Austrian media outrage me

Daniel Pipes
Europe’s mainstream media has reached a point of distorted frenzy about what it calls the “far-right” and “neo-Nazis.” I know. I have just experienced this first hand. Allow me, please, to tell my tale.
Ezra Levant of Canada is a brilliant conservative and an eloquent critic of the Left. He’s indefatigable and successful; Rebel Media, [...]


Sep 20 2018 The lesson of my empty window

Shira Pasternak Be’eri
Sometimes you learn more from what you don’t see than from what you do.
My family has had a love-hate relationship with pigeons on and off for the last decade. They first took up residence on our windowsill in north Jerusalem, choosing a high ledge behind a concrete laundry enclosure, just outside a small [...]


Sep 20 2018 Thank you, Ari Fuld!

Romi Sussman
Oh Ari. I don’t know where to begin. When we made aliyah, Matan was 4. By the time he was 5, he was already learning karate with Ari Fuld. And what a force Ari was. He was an incredible role model for everything we wanted for our little oleh. He was strong, determined, loving and capable. [...]


Sep 20 2018 Five lies about the ‘good faith’ of the settlements

Hagit Ofran
The District Court recently ruled that the Mitzpe Kramim outpost was built on private Palestinian land “in good faith” and as such, Palestinian landowners have no right to demand its evacuation. In this way, the court adopted the new position of the state and the attorney general Avichai Mandelblit, according to which it is possible to [...]


Sep 20 2018 Israel and Duterte: It’s complicated, but good

Gilad Cohen
At the beginning of September, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines visited Jerusalem. The visit aroused sharp criticism in the local press — some of it appropriate and some of it superficial and exaggerated.
Before the visit, the Israeli media took note of every problematic utterance the Philippine president made. During the [...]


Sep 20 2018 What is next for Israel in Syria now?

Anna Ahronheim
With the downing of a Russian military plane over Syria during an Israeli air strike on Iranian targets, the freedom of operation by Israeli jets may now be at risk one of its most volatile fronts.
The incident on Monday has put Israel in a testy spot with Moscow, as 15 Russian military personnel were killed [...]


Sep 20 2018 US politics: Conflict between Conservatives and Liberals

Judith Colp Rubin
A close American friend recently revealed why a mutual friend was no longer speaking to me.
“She said you support Donald Trump. But that isn’t true, is it?”
My first reaction was incredulity. My second was to laugh hysterically. My third was to get angry. My fourth was to write about this, knowing that it [...]


Sep 20 2018 ‘Patriotic Turks’ Burn Western Money in Defense of Devalued Lira

Burak Bekdil
One group produced a symbolic, 2 meter-long dollar banknote and burned it in public, in protest of the greenback’s “attack on our good nation.” Several other individuals and groups joined the “dollar-burning” ritual.
One Turk was pictured shouting his anger at the dollar while burning a euro note. There were consequent newspaper headlines: Turkish nation [...]