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Nov 26 2014 The Fall Of The Would-Be Emperor

Alon Ben-Meir President Erdogan has recently come under intense criticism for his unwillingness to come to the aid of the beleaguered Syrian Kurds in the city of Kobani just across the Turkish border. Sadly, Erdogan’s behavior is not surprising as he has always pursued policies consistent with the image of himself as a great leader [...]


Nov 26 2014 The Impasse Facing the American Military: Troops Committing Suicide

Adnan Oktar One out of every six U.S. troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffers depression, and one out of every 84 takes his own life. The number of troops that have committed suicide in the last 10 years is greater than the number who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. Keen to find a [...]


Nov 26 2014 Sunkari Satyam pens in-depth study of ‘Women in Gram Panchayats’

Book presents empirical research, policy review examining emerging leaders in India’s grassroots politics HYDERABAD, India – “I have seen gradual changes in women’s attitude towards political power as they cultivated group approach in them,” says author Sunkari Satyam. In “Women in Gram Panchayats” (published by Partridge India), he presents evidences of emerging leaders of women [...]


Nov 26 2014 No single HIV prevention method can end AIDS: Combination prevention is key

Bobby Ramakant As HIV prevention needs and contexts vary, it is important to expand the range of effective prevention options that people can use. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said in a video link at the first-ever international conference on all HIV-related biomedical prevention research, that “No single method of prevention can end this epidemic on its [...]


Nov 26 2014 কেন ওদের ফাঁসি হবেনা?

বিকাশ হালদার প্রথমেই আমার অন্তরের অন্তস্থল থেকে গভীর শ্রদ্ধা জানাই বাংলাদেশের রাষ্ট্রনায়ক শেখ হাসিনাকে, সেই সাথে সেই সকল বিচারক এবং সংশ্লিষ্ট সকলকে যারা মানবতা বিরোধী অপরাধ করার ৪৩ বছর পর সেই সকল অপরাধীদের সাজা দিয়েছেন। প্রকৃতপক্ষে আমি তাঁদের পায়ে ঠেকাই আমার মাথা। আমি একইসঙ্গে লজ্জিত বোধ করি কেন ওদের ফাঁসি হবেনা যারা লক্ষ ভারতীয়ের শ্লীলতাহানী [...]


Nov 26 2014 A paper on Good Governance in Sanskrit and Vedas

Dr. Chandra P Trivedi
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Press Release DHAKA, NOVEMBER 10 — The U.S. Embassy Dhaka is pleased to announce that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles H. Rivkin will visit Bangladesh on November 12-13, 2014.  Rivkin began serving as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs on February 13, 2014.  Prior to his [...]


Nov 26 2014 BSF tortures BD farmer in Chuadanga

A Bangladeshi farmer was tortured by members of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) along Nastipur border in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga [Read More]

Source: The Financial Express


Nov 26 2014 City slum fire kills minor girl

A minor girl was burned to death in a fire that broke out at a slum in the city’s Mohammadpur area [Read More]

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Nov 26 2014 FE Anniversary Supplement

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