Fresh probe into share scam from today

New SEC chief likely soon

Fresh probe into share scam from today

Kazi Zahidul Hasn

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) will launch a re-investigation into the share market scam from today (Sunday) as per the recommendations of the probe body, ministry sources said.

“We will start further inquiry into the scam from tomorrow (Sunday) taking the cues from the probe body’s recommendations. The MoF will also assign a team comprising officials of the ministry to do the job,” said a high official of the ministry.

However, if the ministry would feel that it would not be able to perform the task, the probe committee on the share market debacle might be assigned further to re-investigate the scam extensively, he added.

“A drastic overhaul of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will take place from the day as per the suggestions of the investigation committee,” the official further said.

“The main objective   of re-investigation is to collect specific information about the irregularities that happened during the repeated market crush. It will also find out game plan that had been played by the accused manipulators,” he noted.  Earlier, the probe committee said it couldn’t gather information in detail about   various suspicious share transactions due to the time barrier. [Read More]

Source: The New Nation - Independent Daily


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