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Dec 27 2009 ইংরেজী কুইজ

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Dec 27 2009 ব্যবসা-বাণিজ্যে ইংরেজী

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Dec 27 2009 Prime Minister Hasina Expresses Satisfaction About Copenhagen Summit Outcome

The prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said she was satisfied with the Copenhagen summit’s outcome. [Read more]


Dec 26 2009 Thailand to begin Hmong deportation tomorrow

Thailand will begin repatriating more than 4,000 ethnic Hmong refugees to communist Laos on Monday despite strong international opposition to the move, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said yesterday. [Read more]


Dec 26 2009 Ameerah Haq in city: Dhaka can settle sea boundary issue thru’ UN convention

Staff Reporter
Bangladesh could settle its maritime boundary disputes with her neighbours through United Nations (UN) Convention. The countries concerned should go by the international conventions to resolve the disputes, said Ameerah Haq, Under-Secretary-General and Special Representative for Timor- Leste (UNMIT) yesterday. “UN Conventions and discussions among Bangladesh, India and Myanmar could help resolve disputes [...]


Dec 26 2009 Jhenidah shaken by bomb blasts

UNB, Jhenidah
The district town was shaken on Saturday night by blasts of 4 powerful homemade bombs leaving at least three men wounded and panic running high among the residents.Ten young men picked up from the spots after the blasts were undergoing interrogation by the police.Police Super Rezaul Karim suspected that activists of two rival groups [...]


Dec 26 2009 ইউরোপীয় ইউনিয়ন

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Dec 26 2009 শ্রীলংকা

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Dec 26 2009 Dr. M. A. Matin Analyzes Copenhagen Climate Conference and its Impact on Bangladesh

Dr. M. A. Matin is a Professor and Head of the Department of Water Resources Engineering at Bangladesh [Read more]


Dec 25 2009 6 Shias killed during Iraqi religious ceremony

A roadside bomb killed six Shia Muslim pilgrims Friday during a procession, the latest violence targeting the group during observances of a religious holiday, officials said. [Read more]