Commentary : Break their power and make them refund the stolen money
The inquiry committee on the share market scam has bravely make them refund the many bravely pointed its fingers at some 60 individuals, associated with the Awami League, the BNP and some business organisations for making fortunes through market manipulations, and the head of [...]

Fresh probe into share scam from today

New SEC chief likely soon
Fresh probe into share scam from today
Kazi Zahidul Hasn
The Ministry of Finance (MoF) will launch a re-investigation into the share market scam from today (Sunday) as per the recommendations of the probe body, ministry sources said.
“We will start further inquiry into the scam from tomorrow (Sunday) taking the cues from the [...]

Power outage hits Dhaka region

Ashuganj plant trips
Power outage hits Dhaka region
Staff Reporter
Power generation in Ashuganj Thermal Power Plant (ATPP) has been suspended due to technical fault in all its units on Saturday.
Besides, the 60MW Rental Power Unit, a private sector power generation plant in Brahmanbaria, also went out of order on the same day.
Following the trip at ATPP, the [...]

Commentary : A law-maker’s position cannot remain ...

Commentary : A law-maker’s position cannot remain uncertain in law

With the lawyer of the Election Commission missing a three-week deadline to give reply to a High Court Division Bench rule as to why the EC gazette declaring Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir’s seat in Parliament vacant should not be declared illegal, the matter looks likely to [...]

Professionalism must for law enforcers

Informers feed misinformation!
Professionalism must for law enforcers
Mamunur Rashid
Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) informers who secretly report activities of the criminals to law enforcers, are now engaged in internal strife among themselves over conflicts of interest in different localities, highly placed sources have said.
At least 2000 RAB and police informers are working in the capital [...]

Oregon Gunman Left Hate-Filled Note at the Scene

Authorities in Oregon have confirmed that the heavily armed gunman who went on a shooting rampage at a community college left a hate-filled note at the scene.
NBC News and CBS News have quoted official sources saying Friday afternoon that the shooter “felt the world was against him.” He wrote he was “in a bad way” [...]

Fate of Cargo Ship Caught in Hurricane Joaquin Unkn ...

The U.S. Coast Guard resumed its search early Saturday across Bahamian waters for a disabled cargo ship with 33 crewmembers, including 28 Americans, that lost contact during Hurricane Joaquin, which was moving away from the sprawling archipelago.
The 735-foot (224-meter) ship named El Faro had taken on water and was earlier reported to be listing at [...]

Right-Wing Could Win Vienna Election on Migrant Fea ...

Vienna is dotted with rows of campaign posters for the upcoming municipal elections on October 11.
One issue has been at the forefront of this year’s vote: How to deal with the flood of thousands of refugees and other migrants pouring into Austria to make a life in Europe.
Most were greeted with open arms and an [...]

Austria’s Right-Wing Could Win Vienna Electio ...

The flood of refugees and other migrants to Europe this year is boosting support for some anti-immigrant political parties. In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party could, for the first time, win city elections in Vienna (October 11th) from the Social Democrats, who have dominated politics there for decades. VOA’s Daniel Schearf reports from Vienna. [Read [...]

আফগানিস্তানে Doctors Withou ...

চিকিৎসা বিষয়ক দাতব্য সংগঠন Doctors Without Borders বলছে আফগানিস্তানের উত্তরাঞ্চলের শহর কুন্দুজে তাদের একটি হাসপাতালের উপর উপর্যুপরি বোমা হামলায় , তাদের নজন কর্মী নিহত এবং আরও ৩৭ জন আহত হয়েছে। সংগঠনটি বলছে যে কাবুল এবং ওয়াশিংটনে আফগান ও আমেরিকান সামরিক কর্মকর্তাদের প্রথমে অবহিত করার পরও তিরিশ মিনিটের ও বেশি সময় ধরে এই বিমান হামলা অব্যাহত [...]